It’s now or never!

All pledges need to be made by 7th April
If you want Ultrafast Broadband then you NEED to pledge your voucher

We have a large pledge target to meet in order for Openreach to commit to installing the Ultrafast infrastructure, so we need as many households as possible to pledge a voucher.

If we don’t meet our target, then we loose our chance at Wigginton having Ultrafast Internet any time soon.

Visit the Openreach ‘Connect my community’ page to pledge your voucher

Don’t forget to tell us that you’ve pledged a voucher by clicking on the button below and filling in the ‘Keep in Touch’ form. This will help us track who has applied for vouchers, keep you up to date with our progress, and guide you through any more steps that are needed.

What is ‘pledging a voucher’ ?

Essentially, pledging a voucher is:

  • Making a promise that you will use the Ultrafast Internet if Openreach install it
  • Allowing Openreach to access government grants to part fund the cost of installing the fibre optic cables

Installing the Ultrafast infrastructure is an expensive proposition for Openreach, so they don’t want to commit to installing it ahead of the national roll out unless it’s going to be used, and they can offset some of the cost by accessing government funding that’s available for rural communities like ours.

Openreach will be paying some of the installation costs to bring Ultrafast to Wigginton, but not all. The remaining costs need to be covered by a government grant (The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme) that is available to Wigginton residents, as we are currently classed as a rural community. When you pledge a voucher you are applying for this grant in advance, and once Openreach see that the value of the grants applied for meets the remaining costs of installation, they will commit to installing the infrastructure in Wigginton. Once Openreach commit to doing the work, they then apply to the government (at the department for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport, or DCMS) to collect the value of the voucher you have pledged.

What is my commitment?

Pledging a voucher is free but it does commit you to taking out an Ultrafast Broadband contract, once the infrastructure has been installed, for a minimum of 12 months. Typically this will cost around £5 per month more than a Superfast broadband connection (which is what Wigginton currently has), so by pledging a voucher you are making a financial commitment of around £60. After 12 months, you can decide whether you want to stay on Ultrafast or go back onto a cheaper Superfast connection – it’s up to you. This page shows the typical costs for Ultrafast Contracts from standard providers.

Without sufficient pledges, the installation of Ultrafast will not go ahead. Getting Ultrafast broadband future proofs our village for new services , helps our local businesses and schools, and brings incredibly reliable and fast internet to the whole of Wigginton. If that is not convincing enough, consider that independent research shows having an Ultrafast broadband connection increases your house price by 2% – so that £60 commitment could be a great investment!

How does the voucher scheme work?

Each household can only pledge one voucher; residential vouchers are worth £1,500 whilst small businesses and sole traders can apply for a voucher worth £3,500. The value of the voucher will go directly to Openreach to cover the remaining installation costs of the Ultrafast infrastructure, once we have collected enough pledges.

If you own a small business or act as a Sole trader, PLEASE apply for a voucher on behalf of your business, as this really helps us to reach our target (see instructions below on whether you qualify)

How do I Pledge a voucher?

1. Go to the Openreach connect my community portal

2. Enter the postcode for your home, and press the green search button

3. Press the green ‘Pledge for Wigginton Ultrafast Community Project’
Note on this screen you can see the overall progress of pledges for the Wigginton Ultrafast Community project as a percentage of the target required. Your pledge will help move us forward!

4. Enter your Name and Address
Note that if your property isn’t listed in the drop down, then you’re not eligible to pledge a voucher at this time, or you’ve already pledged your voucher (only one voucher per household)

5. Select whether to apply for the voucher for your Home, Business, or Sole Trader

PLEASE apply for your voucher as a Business or Sole Trader if your address is used to conduct business, and you are eligible as below.

Business – Your company must employ less than 250 employees, with a turnover less than £36M, and balance sheet less than £18M
Sole Trader – If you provide paid services from your home address, e.g. bookkeeper, tradesperson etc, and raise invoices for your work, then please apply as a Sole Trader


  • If you work from home, but your business premises are elsewhere, you cannot apply for a Business or Sole Trader voucher.
  • If your business operates from your home address, but is registered with your accountant at their office, you can still apply as a business or sole trader.



Sole Trader

6. Enter your email address, and agree to the terms and conditions
We suggest you read the ‘Pledge terms’ document to be clear on the terms we have summarised on this page. Also be sure to check the box to stay informed, as Openreach will use this email address to contact you when it’s ready to take the next steps.

7. Select how you first heard about the scheme, and press the green ‘Submit Application’ button to pledge your voucher.

8. Now please click on the button below and fill in the ‘Keep In Touch’ form to tell us that you’ve pledged a voucher.
This will really help us keep track of pledges, and help guide you through the next steps.

That’s it! In a few days you should receive an email from Openreach thanking you for your pledge, and with some more details on the next steps. Please check your spam folder, as it may end up in there as you probably don’t receive many emails from Openreach!

Until we reach our target number of pledges, you don’t need to do anything further. Ourselves and Openreach will be touch once that happens!

Thank you for supporting the scheme, which will massively help our community in Wigginton!